My name is Julie and I am living my dream in South Africa. I live on a farm and care for all sorts of animals but I have one species in abundance. Chickens!

When we moved here little over a year ago, there were around 30 Chickens living in our garden. We already had a few of our own and I made a hobby out of it. I have rescued several flocks of chicks, chickens with disabilities and even a clutch of eggs. We let nature take its course as much as possible and allow them to feed off of the land and live a natural happy life.

I love to nurture and care for living beings. I think it is what I was put on this earth to do.

I get to wake up to this every day. My paradise!

My girl Pinky. RIP gorgeous. She was the only ‘loving’ chicken I have ever met


Molo, the original chicken that started all of this! This is her first clutch of chicks named Twisty and Peach


My boy Cash who is a doting father to chicks in need

Egg collection. Keeping the flock to a manageable size which is about 30-40

Molo the Beauty


Twisty – aptly named after his ‘scissor beak’ deformity

Me with Vito and Friedo. I raised these from eggs

Vito and Friedo. Growing up fast!

Molo & Pinky

The teenagers!

Natural beauty

Alvin and his squad

Our beautiful dogs London & Cash who tend to the flock with me every day

Peek – A – Boo!