My name is Anton, I’m kind of an artist. I had been watching skateboarders and Graffiti artists and the way they worked in the city, and used the town like their play ground. I had an interest in Maypole dancing and made with a friend an adjustable maypole crown and decided to go out into the city and finding interesting bits of street furniture and turn them into impromptu maypoles and get people around to join in with a dance. I try to find different poles each time, colour texture etc, and it makes you see your city in a different way,a you find yourself getting excited by a lamp-post. What I’d like the most is if other people did it, and I could see how they adapted street furniture. it easy to do really and you can be shocked by people’s responses and how up for it they are.

More info:

A pillar in an abandoned church..

Under a walkway, it was a dream of mine to do this one.

The adjustable maypole crown.

Found this beauty in a car park, we actually stopped traffic to do it.

Maypoles are everywhere, you just have to find them. Here is a post box

All the staff in the library come and do it.

A not very successful try in the local metro station.

We found a forlorn tree in town and had to give it some maypole love.