If beetles are gemstones of the animal kingdom then what do they hide beneath their colourful wing cases?

I found the answer in my drawings of them. I combined my pastel pencil drawings of beetles with my coloured pencil drawings of minerals and then the magical collection of Mineral Beetles was born.

My journey to becoming an artist is still an ongoing process. For several years I didn’t draw because of lack of time, but sometimes I saw drawing ideas in my dreams. In these moments I had to wake up to sketch them fast in my sketchbook. Then I understood that I have to start drawing again.

We don’t know which treasures are hidden beneath someone, unless they show them. And sometimes we don’t even know which treasures are hiding underneath ourselves. I wish to inspire people to find the treasures they are hiding and start showing them to the world.

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Amber Beetle

Black Opal Beetle

Yellow Agate Beetle

Labradorite Beetle

Malachite Beetle

Purple Agate Beetle

Red Jasper Beetle

Turquoise Beetle