From the depths of R’lyeh rises… a taste sensation!

I made these cute little Cthulhu pie/tart/cupcake toppers out of a single large strawberry in 5 minutes.

More info:

A delightful offering to the Elder Gods at your next Necronomicon book club meeting

This is my cutting blueprint

Only one large strawberry is needed per Cthulhu

Cut into three pieces of roughly equal thickness

On one of the end pieces, cut out two wing shapes as per the blueprint

Finished wings

The middle piece will be the tentacles

Cut out 4 long strips

With the last end piece, cut 3 to 5 mouth tentacles, depending on how large your berry is

Cut the eye holes

Pop in chocolate balls for the eyes

Keep the scraps for later

Bake or buy a pie, tart, cupcake

Place the wings first. Use the scrap berries as risers if needed

Then add tentacles

If your dessert is domed, you wont need the spacer pieces. Place the head last

And there you go!

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Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and thanks for reading! @thePieous