I’m not a fashion guy. Heck, I’m not even a designer. I’m puzzled how I came up with this as well.

One day I was contemplating what to do with my life and I thought I better buck up. Because 25 years living on earth I’m positive my mum would be driving me out of the house soon.

So I sat down and started brainstorming for life changing ideas.

This was definitely the best I came up with.

Call it genius or downright stupid. I thought it’s kinda offensively cute. How else can you flip a finger so innocently?

I got to work immediately. I wanted to create just one character initially because screw it, I’m a lazy f*ck and I only wanted the most profit for the least amount of work. Amazingly, though, I kinda got absorbed in the task, churning one piece after the other. Not world class masterpiece, I know. But I thought that’s the beauty of it.

The characters are a reflection of my own family – parents, sisters and the youngest in the family, myself. Only Granddad Henry and Dick Veeder are fictional (Yes, they come with their own names and biography), created because I thought they were cool. I haven’t met my real maternal granddad before. He died before my mum and dad married. Dick Veeder is just a random penis joke.

My dad Richie is no longer around as well. I guess that’s what makes it all the more interesting for me. He’s a fun guy (eh hem, like me), probably not in this sense, but I think he would appreciate what all this’ about.

Go ahead and check them out.

More info: zombore.com

Henry Mika. Mafia boss

Dick Veeder. Because penis jokes are still cool

Sassy Zombore. Asking you to love yourself with a finger

Pearlie Zombore. At least she’s honest

Yappy Mika. Mafia princess. You can customize your message with a non-permanent marker if you like

Richie Zombore. Unwittingly married the daughter of a mafia boss

Finally, Teddy Zombore, my doppelganger. Also known as my soulmaid

Thought a group photo would be nice