Creative Curiosity Labs is using Kickstarter to get support for the publishing of the book Flexagon Alley.  This innovative book, priced at $14, is positioned at the intersection of Art and Math.  The designs range from simple geometric spirals to ornately decorated creatures and are laid out like a mathematical template.  When cut out, folded, and glued, this template becomes a flexagon that will transform from a caterpillar, to a cocoon, and finally into a butterfly.

Flexagon Alley includes simple instructions and coloring layouts for making Tri-Hexaflexagons, 3 sided flexagons, and Hexa-Hexaflexagons, 6 sided flexagons.  After cutting, folding and coloring the layout, users can go from one side to the next by folding and opening the center of the flexagon.  Only one side of the flexagon shows at a time while the others remain hidden in the folds and on the back of the flexagon.  Our flexagons are hexagonal shaped; however, they can be found as squares, pentagons, stars, and other polygons.  In addition, they can have any number of sides, some of which reach up to 12 different ones.

This book was inspired by the excitement and curiosity demonstrated by students when flexagons were brought to a 7th grade math classroom.  The students were amazed at how a piece of paper could be folded so that its multiple hidden sides could be revealed by pinching and folding it.  



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Flexagons can have 3 sides

These simple Flexagons go from A to B to C

They can be filled with Dragons, Pegasus, and Griffins

Welcome to Flexagon Alley

Flexagons can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors!