Hello, my name is Tikka and I am three months old.

I´m blind because I got sick when I was abandoned with my mom and my three brothers in the streets of Spain. Hoope Animal Protection rescued me and now I live in a happy home with my new family.

Despite the problems I have found in my way, I am very happy, I want to live forever and I want to spread my message to the world. I have created an Instagram where I will tell my story to the world because I want to raise awareness about animal welfare and inspire other blind cats in the world.

My life is very funny, I live with my humans and several brothers and sisters. Five cats, my blood brothers Taco and Tanzania, who are still looking for a family (adopt them please), Chaplin, Charlot and Misi, and two big doggie brothers, a black lab called Audrey and my crazy blond brother Dalí, like the famous artist.

I´ve a secret but don´t say it very loud, I am a super kitten, I can climb scrapers and sofas, follow my brothers, find what I want… as if I had eyes.

More info: Instagram

I am blind, but that´s not a problem, i´m a happy kitten

I don´t need sunglasses, but i think i look cool with it

Some humans said “ohhh, poor kitty, she’s blind”, but I don’t know why… I am happy, or do I look worried?

I love to sleep on the sofa…

Mi name is Tikka because my humans love indian curry

Yes, I am really cute and I know it. There are people that call me ugly because of my eyes, but the difference makes you beautiful

Kiss your cat daily, I love kisses!

I am the perfect model, don´t you think?

My big sister, Audrey, she wants to play with me every day

My big brother Chaplin loves me a lot