When you’re a tiny Loggerhead turtle hatchling, a lot of dangers wait for you: predators, confusing lights from a nearby airport and even your own strength can stand in the way of reaching the promised ocean. That’s why volunteers from the Bonair island in the Caribbeans came to the rescue.

On the day of hatching, a human wall of volunteers was formed to help baby turtles reach the sea. In return they got to witness nature’s true miracle, which might also be a very rare one, as the Loggerhead sea turtle is considered an endangered species.

As one of the commentators on Reddit said, “Cutest. Stampede. Ever.”

Website: bonaireturtles.org | Facebook | via: twistedsifter

“The entire nest of eggs hatches at the same time and the baby turtles scramble together to the sea.”

“These hatchlings face many predators on land and in the sea, such as ghost crabs, fish and birds. “

“The importance of this area for turtle nesting helped the effort to purchase the island from its private owners in 1999, spearheaded by the Foundation Preservation Klein Bonaire. Klein Bonaire now belongs to the people of Bonaire, and is a protected area.”