Bobcats are elusive and nocturnal, so they’re rarely spotted in daylight. But this time, we are in for a treat for all the wild feline fans out there.

The impressive moment of a bobcat leaping across the weir for what seems like forever was captured on camera in Pecan Island, Louisiana. The feline is seen composing himself right before the jump and reaching the other side in one single move.

His effortless and graceful travel in midair may make you wanna try that (at home). But trust me, there’s only 1 Olympic gold medal and the winner is clear. Plus, it’s dangerous, so let’s leave the flying bit for dreams only.

This video of a bobcat making an insanely large jump has left everyone speechless

Image credits: ViralHog

Bored Panda contacted Laurel Serieys, a wildlife biologist at University of Cape Town and project coordinator at Urban Caracal Project, to find out more about the long distance jumpers. It turns out, “bobcats can easily jump several meters” and many smaller cats about their size can do it too.

In this particular case, “the bobcat is trying to avoid getting wet, and given what agile athletic animals they are, jumping across the bridge is not too difficult,” commented Laurel. In fact, the cat may have been up for some prey. “We’ve seen bobcats hunting near water for water fowl, so perhaps it was hunting nearby and trying to get from one side of the water to the other.”

Meanwhile, larger cats can jump much further than this without too much effort. Laurel said that “if they are jumping across something, their leap can reach 6 meters.”

While out fishing in Pecan Island, this person spotted the cat and started recording

Everyone was impressed by the beautiful leap