They say that if it works, it’s not stupid. The only problem with that is that if you often end up looking for any solution to a problem, you’re likely to be the kind of person who plays chaotic characters in Dungeons & Dragons.

But it’s these exact people who find wild and exciting solutions to otherwise non-problems that make everyone think ‘huh, I should try this’ cause why not.

And you bet the internet has been looking for solutions to how to properly eat a pineapple, of all things. While traditionalists use a knife to cut up a pineapple into smaller, more manageable pieces, turns out there’s another way to consume a pineapple, and it requires just your bare hands.

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Turns out, there’s more ways than one to open a pineapple up, according to the internet

Image credits: dillonroberts22

While this trick has already taken the world by storm back in 2019, it’s still bewildering the lovely people of the internet with its ingenuity.

So, most people cut up a pineapple using a knife, whether it’s in slices and removing its hard shell, or further cutting up said slices into smaller, bite-sized pieces, all the while also removing the core, or if you’re barbaric, you scoop it out with a spoon. All of it.

But have you ever noticed how the pineapple has these hexagonal shells? Turns out, they are all individual pieces of the citrus flesh found inside. And yes, they can be disassembled like you would with an orange.

Ever noticed those hexagonal shell pieces on the pineapple’s exterior? The fruity flesh is interconnected in a similar way


Image credits: dillonroberts22

Of course this discovery has been messing with people’s minds on the internet and everyone’s been testing it out to see what kind of sorcery this is.

The goal here is to be able to eat the pineapple piece by piece, breaking off each individual part by pulling on the shell. However, this came with mixed results when put to practice.

As people cut off the top, they proceeded to break off the meat and it would either break off in a spike shape, or would just break off at the skin. This may be indicative of the fruit not yet being ripe enough to be consumed in this way, as most fruits are easier to break apart if ripe.

So, hence, you can actually eat pineapples piece-by-piece

Image credits: dillonroberts22

Bored Panda got in touch with nutritional expert Anne Cundiff, RD, LD, FAND, for more information on pineapples and this very peculiar way of eating it.

“Pineapples are so appealing because they are stunning pieces of fruit, with the golden yellow body and, of course, the regal crown,” explained Cundiff. “I also think there is an exotic feel around pineapples because they are grown in the most beautiful, beachy and tropical places around the world. The most delicious pineapples are nature’s candy, both sweet and tangy. They are not only a stand alone fruit but can be used in tons of recipes—anything from salsas to cocktails.”


TikToker Dillon Roberts gives a quick preview (attention: loud chewing warning)

@dillonroberts22really😄♬ 原聲 – dillonroberts22


However, there is a trick to more or less force the fruit to break apart, and it doesn’t even require a knife. Just your hands is enough.

The Pun Guys actually did a more detailed video on how to pull it off as not all pineapples are easily disassemblable

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

John Noony, one half of the Puns Guys, shared a video of how he was asked by his friend to do some weird things to a pineapple. These included taking out the stem, softly hitting its base on the floor, rolling it on the floor with a little bit of pressure, and massaging it for roughly 3 minutes.

The result? Well, sure enough, they were able to pull out individual pineapple flesh spikes, and that’s all without having to cut or break open the fruit itself.

First you twist off the leafy top. You’re not gonna eat it anyway… right?

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

“I love this video trend of eating a pineapple by pulling the fruit by the outside skin, it does work!” elaborated Cundiff. “However, you need a very ripe pineapple and it’s best to roll it before eating to help the process. I still believe the easiest way is to cut the pineapple with a knife—it is much easier than finding that perfectly ripe pineapple.”


Next, you hit the base of the pineapple at a hard surface, but don’t smash it, use softer hits

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

As mentioned previously, the internet has been going nuts about this. Twitter user Lewis McCluskey shared a TikTok video by Dillon Roberts showing what this process looks like. The videos got 13.4 million and 616,000 views respectively. Noony’s video also got over 32 million views with nearly 300k reactions.

People online kept commenting how they will try this trick out, and will also switch to eating pineapple this way and this way only. Others mentioned how the whole rolling thing was probably hard on his hands, while others joked that this trick requires much more hitting and throwing backs into it. Yet others preferred sticking to canned pineapples or using a knife because this looks like too much effort. To each their own!

Then you turn it on the side and roll it around while applying pressure from the top

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

Fun fact: pineapples are an amazing source of vitamin C, provide tons of healthy energy through their carbohydrates, help to digest protein better—sure, they also cause a bit of a tongue sore, but are overall nice fruit to get energized with.


“Pineapples are not only beautiful in looks but can help us feel and look beautiful from the inside out,” explained Cundiff. “They are an immune-boosting fruit full of Vitamin C, which may also enhance skin health. Pineapples have fiber and a naturally occurring enzyme, Bromelain. Both can help your tummy function well by decreasing constipation and bloating. Bromelain also helps tenderize produce and proteins, like meat.”

She continued: “Use pineapple fruit or juice in marinades to add flavor and make foods more tender. I love a flank steak marinaded in pineapple juice, garlic and soy sauce. Pineapple is also hydrating. I add slices of pineapple to a pitcher of water and it is so refreshing!”

After massaging the pineapple for around 3 minutes, try pinching the individual shell pieces and pulling on them


Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

Lastly, if rolling a ripe pineapple on the floor is not your thing and decide to stay with the old-fashioned knife method, here are some tips from Anne Cundiff that you can keep in mind in order to make the most out of your pineapples:

“Did you know you can eat or use all of the pineapple body? I like to cut off the crown and the base of the pineapple so you have a stable pineapple to cut. Then slice off the outside skin, as thin as possible. I save the skin and use it to make a broth, stock with vegetables or a pineapple vinegar. After that you can cut the pineapple in the size of pieces you like, closest to the core.”


“The core is also edible, however it is tougher and less sweet than the fruit. I will cut the core into small pieces and puree it in my blender. It works great as a component of marinades, salad dressings or cocktail mixers. You can save the crown of the pineapple for a floral decoration.”

If it goes well, you should be able to pull out a pineapple spike

Image credits: John Nonny / The Pun Guys

Check out the full video below

Be sure to check out Anne Cundiff’s website where you can learn more about her as well as her book I’m a Registered Dietitian… Now What?, check out her videos and podcasts, read her blog and more!

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