I am Roza, a designer for “Shovava”, my personal clothing line based on my drawings. I wanted to share a little project of mine I’ve been working on utilizing all those drawings and sketches I did for Shovava scarves. Over time I have gathered so many of them that they were barely fitting under my bed. So I decided to put them to use!

I started with transforming my toilet. Deciding not to overthink it, I just glued bits and pieces all over the place. After its’ been glued on, I “connected” the drawings with more drawings on top. The hardest part was dealing with constantly bubbling paper and varnish that would smudge the ink (oh the horror!). But after drawings were sealed, it was easy to fix them and keep on layering that varnish.

In the end, It was a joyful affair and hopefully this little, but the important room is more fun now. Hope you like!

More info: shovava.com