I started doodling and sharing my drawings on Instagram some years ago as a quick way of doing something creative and stress releasing. I drew on napkins, tray mats, cup holders, and/or anything I could find. At first, I simply wanted to let out my anger, frustrations and worries; but, with time, I learned how to create something funny out of things pulling me down.

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I was a sad and gray person but, thanks to doodling and art, I became able to see everything in colors. Today, I do not only try to find the bright side of things, but I invent it if I cannot find it and encourage others to do the same. I know I cannot change our broken world, but I also know that my work can help in highlighting the positive around us and make people feel better and/or take some action and make things better.

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#1 My Antidepressant Formula

My Antidepressant Formula


Kerry Pye 1 year ago

Nice, I could use this to keep me sane too ;)