I’ve been drawing my whole life, but I have never studied art, as my mother didn’t allow it. However, that never stopped me from doing it. When I was a little child I used to draw on everything: walls, ceilings, everything! Later, I started making funny doodles for my language school called Lingvistov … and that was the beginning of it all!

Me working in my office in Kazan, Russia

We launched our online shop only last winter where we sell my illustrated prints and books. We didn’t have any visitors or sales, so I decided to take action. One of the artists among my friends in Facebook shared a post from Bored Panda and I liked the website because of its good taste. After posting my illustrations here – everything changed almost overnight. I started getting tons of emails asking to publish my illustrations. Among them were the Huffington Post, Metro UK, Design Taxi and many others.

My cat August is my biggest muse!

We went from 2-3 monthly orders to 150. When a new post comes – due to Bored Panda we get massive exposure – it can be up to 10000 visitors and much much more. One of these posts even crashed our site due to enormous visitor count.

Illustration from “12 Types Of Cats”

This post is my way of thanking Bored Panda and especially their moderator Aiste who helped me a lot. Now my dream of becoming an illustrator and doing it as a job, not a hobby, is coming to life!

Here are some of my most successful posts on Bored Panda: 15 Things Every Single Girl Can Relate To, 15 Things People Who Love To Sleep Truly Understand, 12 Types Of Cats.