Not all grandmas are only into knitting and feeding stray cats, a Russian pensioner Olga Kostina, for instance, took up a very creative project of home decor by covering every wall of the facade in a colorful mosaic made entirely out of bottle caps.

Located in a secluded Karmarchaga village in Russia, in the Siberian Taiga, the sight of her mosaic art will definitely take you by surprise. The woman had been collecting the caps for her home decor ideas for years until she reached 30 000 and then nailed her whole collection to the walls, organizing them in various ethnic ornaments, colorful designs, and animal portraits. The gaps were filled in by using the macramé knotting techniques.

As if that wouldn’t be impressive enough, she also took the time to do some outside decor to several other constructions nearby to cheer the area up a bit.

Image credits: Ilya Naymushinvia | Via: Designboom