Currently I get in touch with some research project about propaganda in USSR as I am working as a blogger at GrabMyEssay. It was absolutely new to me, so I decided to make a small research and I’ve discovered really awesome pictures that I want to share with you.

Check out a set of old fashioned soviet posters with brief descriptions.


This poster was created in 1954 as a social advertisement of the alcohol free lifestyle.

Glory to Soviet People – Creators of the Powerful Aiviation

Created in 1954 year is a perfect symbol of powerful soviet militarism stream of that time.

Don’t Talk!

Poster of the Second World War period created in 1941 as a warning about possible information leak to spies.

Shame on You!


One of the posters that was aimed to inspire people to stop consuming alcohol. Created in 1958.

You’ve Worked Good – You’ve Earned Good!


Social ad that was created in 1964 to motivate workers to intensify their performance.

Motherland is Calling to Duty!

It is the classical war time propoganda poster like the popular US “I need You” with Unkle Sam. Created in 1941