We first wrote about Caillard and Persani’s hipster marble sculptures over a year ago, and since the new photo montage works by this duo are just as hilarious, we couldn’t let them go unnoticed!

Whatever they say about not judging a book by its cover, we still do it. French photographer Léo Caillard and art director Alexis Persani illustrate that with their Street Stone photography series, where they dress famous sculptures from Louvre into trendy clothes that are more up-to-date. Besides marrying two completely different worlds, the artists also demonstrate a great cultural change that society has undergone throughout centuries since the original sculpture artworks were created.

To create these photo manipulations, Caillard first photographed the sculptures and then had his friends strike similar poses, wearing such hipster style accessories like the Ray-Ban shades, flannel and denim shirts, and shorts. He would then dress the sculptures using Photoshop as well as Persani’s photo editing skills.

The cool photos are not only hilarious but also show that clothes have an enormous impact on the way one is perceived.

Website: leocaillard.com | behance.net/alexis-persani