Kid behind laser cat photo dies at 17

Kid suicides after becoming internet sensation.

Draven Rodriguez, the high school student that posed with his cat for a year book photo, has killed himself. While police do not know why, it was confirmed that it was suicide. His parents found him in his room. He commuted this suicide last Thursday. His parents said that “The cat picture that went viral contributed and may have caused his suicide.” While he was a well know student for his brains, he always had a sense of humor. His parents said that”He wasn’t trying to stir things up, just being him.” He was described as a “Very likable and friendly person, who made friends wherever he went.” His cat, Mr Bigglesworth, was brought in by the family after he walked into their house and never left. This is another apparent case of suicide because of fame. This means someone becomes famous and it hurts their mind, until it snaps and leads them to drastic and irreversible measures. My sorrow to the family, in this time of grief.