Please post the worst movie you have ever seen, and why it was the worst.


Can we all agree on Cats?



the emoji movie is pure filth and id worse then my grades


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Indiana Jones and the crystal skulls is pure junk


The Twilight saga, they're all equally terrible.



The Box Trolls. I never even finished at the theatres. It was awful



The Matrix.
He's Just Not That Into You.
Crazy, Stupid Love.
All crap fests with no character.
I have more.



Boxtrolls.... The story is more or less pointless and doesn't grab you. In addition, the characters are ugly and not at all likeable or cute. I overall didn't enjoy this movie.



This is something literally EVERY PERSON I met has disagreed with, but I absolutely HATE coroline. Like I really really really really hate it ,to the point where even the mere mention of it makes me gag . It’s creepy, disturbing, and it’s really over rated. The fact that this monstrosity of a film is called a ‘kids movie’ is just something I’m super confused with, like the other mother is just satan himself disguised in a film.

This is my opinion though .

Thank you for coming to my Rant



I borrowed a movie called Star Paws on Hoopla and it was the WORST. The actors were so bad, and when someone held a microphone (which wasn’t supposed to move, btw) it MOVED and you could see the dude’s hand holding it! It was just so bad



The God's not dead series ranks among the worst movies ever.



Blank Check



The new Star Wars trio logo. Just awful.



Lake Mungo. An absolute snoozefest from start to finish



The avatar movie. What the hell is wrong with the director?


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