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i’m not sure, i think i’ve forgotten it



I’ve forgotten a stress free life and a part of myself. I’m also forgetting my words and I’ve been stumbling over them and sometimes speaking as if I’m on something even if I’m not. I just wish I was never born because the only thing life has ever given me is problems upon problems. If I wasn’t born then I’d have no problems and I’m sure that many people would be better of without me


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Hey, stardust! I get it, that's hard. But please read this. You are worth every single atom you are made up of. You are worth all of the pain, sweat, and tears that were endured during your birth. You are worth all of the times you made people laugh, or smile. You are worth every single friendship you made. Life loves to throw problems at you, that I can't deny. But then again, is that not because life knew you could handle them? Stardust, everybody in this community loves you. Even though you are one of thousands of users among this community, we are all better off with you here. Even if it's just me, a stranger, who may be halfway across the world, please remember that at least one person would be heartbroken if you ever left. from the bottom of my heart, i am telling you - You are worth it. You are worth everything. You are strong. You are strong enough to overcome all of your problems, even if it doesn't feel that way. You are you, and you are beautiful, and I love you. :) ❤️❤️

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So, I haven't exactly known and then forgot, but I basically discovered it. I have really wanted to share this so I hope you continue to read. :)
I learned that being responsible doesn't mean you have to be independent. I am a teen, and my parents make me charge my computer in their room overnight so I don't use it. Sometimes, I get annoyed, like 'don't they know I'm responsible enough to charge my computer in my room?'
However, a few days ago, I realized that accepting help from them was actually the most responsible thing I could do. It is amazingly responsible to ask for help when you need it, instead of accidentally spending entire nights on BoredPanda because your computer was in your room. Responsibility isn't about being able to do everything on your own; it's about knowing when to ask for help/



whats my user again



I forgot my healthy bedtime routine. I used to go to bed no later than 9.30 most nights, because I had insomnia and it would sometimes take an hour to get to sleep. I would always factor in reading time before this. It was great because I could get up pretty early in the mornings etc. Then in 2020, with anxiety caused by work stress and poor health, as well as the fact I now have meds that mean I can usually get to sleep in 15 minutes, I started staying up later and not reading before bed. It has really messed up my sleep schedule and I want to go back to my old routine but it is so hard!


idk what my name is
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take little steps to het back to it. ik its hard but once you reach your goal it feels so amazing


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