Sometimes embarrassing things happen to us, at the time it seems like the end of the world but looking back we realise it isn’t actually that bad…or we face palm and cringe at what happened…


My friend tried to set me up with my crush in a way. My crush walked in and they were like "Hey! Do you like hot women?" To my crush, my crush said "yeah! I love hot women!" Then my friend turned to me and was like "You're a hot woman!" And that would be the finale of an embarrassing story on my end! Still have no clue what's going on there but who cares?



A guy I used to like… we moved down the road from him (same street) and we were out one night with my cousin and my sister, just walking. Sister told cousin that that is the house my old crush lived in. Well, we walk past the house (he and his friends are playing basket ball out the front) and they’re all like “come on Athen! Hurry up ATHENA.” They stopped and looked at me *cries* so humiliating…



I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 8. I was bullied and lost all my friends, move forward. My family moved to a different city middle of 5th grade. I made up the story that I was from a different country so I could have friends and not be bullied. A teacher blabbed it all out and I lost my friends all over again. I learned my lesson about lying in an embarrassing way.


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2 months ago

Aww that’s so sad that you had to go through that though… ❤️

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