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I had group therapy and we have a group chat together and everyone said they were LGBTQ+ so it was pretty hard not to come out. They literally said ‘phew, i was scared you were straight’



One of my best friends came out to me ages ago and he still claims my reaction was the one he appreciates more than anyone else's.
My reaction was simply this: "I don't give a f**k."



So there we were, driving down a highway eating ice cream. When my friend came out to me (who was sitting next to his BF at the time). I nearly drove off the road. And why? I was laughing far to hard. I was able to pull over, looked at him and said. “I’ve always known, and care about you, but it might be a better idea to not blurt it out to someone driving 70 mph, holding a hot fudge sundae”. “ I was with him when he came to my family (a practice run). My mother reached out her hand and simply said, did you think I wouldn’t want you around? Don’t be silly. And my father simply said “and?” (And his grandmother took it well, but it wasn’t what he hoped for with his family, but not everyone will react perfectly). We maintained a good relationship for quite a while, but eventually went our own ways. And to this day, gender preference doesn’t matter to me, and never will. (If you need to talk, I am here)


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Friend's grandma was very chill and supportive even though everyone suspected that she'd be very conservative because she's over 80.


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Just because someone is old and/or conservative doesn't mean that they have no experience interacting positively with homosexuals.

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