I'm simply asking this question because someone the other day said "I thought that Mexicans couldn't be nonbinary?" Also, some people refer to me (Omnisexual) as Bisexual. And yes, it's not the same thing.


Shy girl stereotypes, because people think I hate them when I actually just have terrible social anxiety.
Also people think that because I am vegetarian, I will try to convert them to being g vegetarian. I don't care what you eat, and meat tastes good, so go eat what you want.



The old white man stereotype. Ok, 52 isn’t ancient, but is seen as old by many. I’m progressive, liberal and believe in human rights. I’ve dated outside of my own race, ethnicity and religion. I have family that Isn’t white I have family that is lgbt. I understand where the sentiment towards old white men comes from, but stereotyping isn’t the way to view a person. Get to know the individual before you pass judgement. The fact that I don’t shave more than once every couple of weeks doesn’t make me a neck beard; it means I live casually and have an employer that isn’t all caught up in presentation. I’m speaking to individuals, not groups when I say practice what you preach.



I watch gay tiktoks, I must be gay. No, I’m pan there is more to the spectrum.



A blonde who presents as female in the IT and video games industries? Gee, let me think…



That all footballers are stupid.

Footballers represent a cross-section of society. Yes, some are ridiculously stupid but some are highly intelligent.

They calculate in a second where the opposition is, the trajectory of the ball, whether or not the ball is spinning and in which direction, how the bounce will affect the ball and windspeed and its effect. All before controlling it perfectly with a single touch. And that's just receiving the ball. There are just as many, if not more, factors when striking the ball, be it a pass, a volley or a shot.

Could your average Joe make all those calculations that fast without a pen and paper? I doubt it.



*cracks knuckles and rubs hands*

Dumb Polish
Dirty Spic
White Girl
Fake Puerto Rican
American (‘Murica!) I get it but the majority of us aren’t like that.

(US citizen... I’m Puerto Rican, Polish, Croatian, Yugoslav, German)


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Girly stryotypes, im non binary and it tough being closest because people expect me to where dresses and other sh!t



That because I have ADHD I don’t care about what I’m learning in school and or dumb. I consider myself of average intelligence and love school. I just can’t pay attention as easily. I’m even writing a book


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i also have adhd so i know how it feels


‘Dumb blonde’.