What memories or stories happened to you that you don't talk about because no one belives you? Truth is usually stranger than fiction.


I think something I did once became a meme

Idk if anybody has ever seen it, but i remember watching a "funniest kids test answers" vid a while ago and I see this one question

"What country owns Greenland? (Hint: It's not Greenland)"
The answer was of course,
Not Greenland

I saw that and freaked out because I clearly remember that question on a 50 states test I had back in elementary school. I remember reading it and deciding to write that goofy lil answer because it was a bonus question anyways and it could only help me.

I also had pretty good handwriting back then, to the point where everyone thought an adult answered my questions and wrote my essays for me.

I decided to check the original reddit post and it was posted around the time I was in elementary school, so that was even more proof.

so yeah, thats the time when I figured out something I did became somewhat of a popular meme.

nobody would believe me, but hey, it happened



Being nonbinary. "Nonbinary doens't exist" No of course it does. I exist. There are more than 2 genders. Why can't people just let other people be??


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Actually there is and it's with asexual creatures dummy 2jendrz. Edit: Do you know cell's, like life cells (animal/plant cells)now there are animals that reproduce asexually like the hydra.


Ok this is gonna be a wild ride

For back story my grandma live on a 20acre farm of flat grassland and I have 21 cousins

A while ago when I was probably around 8-9 I was at my grandmas farm playing hide and seek in the dark with my cousins and I hear a voice behind me think it’s the person who’s “it” I start running but suddenly faint and go into some kind of sleep paralysis where something is shredding my leg and I can’t move to see it or stop it then all of a sudden I’m sitting at my grandmas dining room table with all my cousins and THEN THAT NIGHT I HAVE A SLEEP PARALYSIS OF THAF EXACT SAME THING


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That I've seen a ghost a couple times, 1st time (that I remember) was when I was playing hide and seek with my sibling when I was 5 and as I walked into our playroom I saw this probably middle school aged person just sitting in the bean bag in our room and no I'm the oldest sibling and he just vanished, no words no nothing he was just sitting there. The 2 time was when I saw a black cat that looked like ours but when it went into a room it vanished and I have 20/20 vision too. It wax weird but nice.


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