Could be anything from your partner, your job, or your cat.


currently the best part of my day is when my puppy wakes up and comes to my room for morning snuggles. At night, when I come home from work and see him in the front window; he gets so excited that my heart melts with joy.



My best friend. She is a constant source of support for me, and I love her so much



My cat and rabbit. If my rabbit died I would literally have a broken heart.






One of my best friends, he helps me when I'm feeling down or anxious and he keeps whatever secrets I tell him and never judges me (and vice versa) and I appreciate him for that, more than he'll ever know or that I'll ever be able to express


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My two dogs and cat. They are always there for me, and never fail to make me laugh. Funny story, once I was really sad and I was crying. My dog who is as big as me jumped on me and stuck his huge nose in my face. I immediately felt better.


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