Relatives? Friends? Friends of friends? Anyone you have a connection to that's famous in any way, tell us what they're like irl! I saw a post about this earlier this week and I wanted to open it up to the Pandas I know and love! So go on- what's your story?


I know a few local celebs here in my country. They're normal people with a passion for a thing they're known for.



I don’t know any famous people personally, but I am related to Mike Dirnt from Green Day. I’m not sure how famous he is though. He isn’t blood but legally related.



I used to sort of know Olly Alexander/Thornton from Years & Years. We went to the same drama group for youths and hung out with the same people there. I don't think I ever had a direct conversation with him but he seemed nice enough.



Nice. They’re nice human beings, with all that entails.



I used to be friends with a few Premier League footballers including a number of international players (i.e. they played for their country). Bar one or two they were all really nice guys. Down to earth and grateful for what they had. It seemed that the better a player was on the pitch, the nicer he was off it.

There were one or two who liked themselves a bit too much and I learnt a valuable lesson: There is no such thing as a 'team', it's all about individuals playing for themselves. It just so happens that by doing that the team does well too but that is a by-product not an imperative. So next time you see a player kissing the badge it's either because the club just gave him a pay rise or it's all just for show. Very few players love their club more than they love their pay packet.



I know an actor you probably never heard of, Braydon Eaton. He's in five movies



Well, not very famous but a lot of people know about them so kinda but my mom and a close friends mom


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