Here are some more healthy substitutes to add to your routine. Breakdown below: . 🍫 The milk chocolate bar has a whooping 44g carbs, 41g sugar only 2g fiber and 370 calories! The dark chocolate bar shown on the other hand had 13g carbs, 6g sugar, 5g fiber & 250 calories. With dark chocolate, you’ll feel fuller faster with the add fiber & won’t go through such a big insulin spike & crash. . 🌽 Vegetable oil and canola oils are highly processed, heated, bleached, refined and deodorized. The hight heat these oils go through have negative impact on the healthy compounds in the oils & are stripped of much of their omega-3 fatty acids in the processing. Extra Virgin Olive oil is produced by cold pressing and doesn’t use chemicals for refinement & also avoids high heat treatment, leaving it full of heart healthy fats. . 🥑 Sour cream adds about 40 calories & 6g of fat per quarter cup but doesn’t add much nutritionally. Guacamole on the other hand adds antioxidants, about 4g of fiber, potassium + more per quarter cup. Plus, you get all the heart healthy fats from the avocado.

Here Are Some More Healthy Substitutes To Add To Your Routine

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