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Hercules Story
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Hercules Story


Hercules the 5 month old kitten was brought to the Stray Aid Rescue Centre on Wednesday 28th June 2017, unable to walk and with bandages on both front legs. Removing the bandages, we found catastrophic injuries. His right leg had severe injuries to the paw, with missing toes and severe crush injuries to the remaining bones, the circumference of his left leg had been completely stripped of skin over a 4cm width.

It is unlikely that his injuries were accidental, and may have been due to abuse or maltreatment, although with no definite history, our concern at Stray Aid was simply the cat’s welfare. We cared for him in our on-site cattery, his movement was restricted, and he had access to veterinary treatment daily.

The initial outlook was glum, such was the severity of his injuries, however the kitten’s bravery was extraordinary.

On the Saturday, removing the dressings (under anaesthetic such was the pain) it became clear the injuries to the right paw were too severe, despite the antibiotics, infection was already setting in, the stench was horrific, the foot was dead, the leg needed to be removed or risk losing Hercules to blood poisoning. Thankfully there was still blood supply to the left paw and no sign of infection in the wound, giving us hope.

The right leg was amputated and the left leg redressed again under anaesthetic, in fact it would be another 2 weeks before anaesthetic wasn’t required for dressing changes, such was the pain of touching the leg itself. Incredibly, just hours after the amputation, he was eating well and adjusting to walking on 3 legs.

Without private funding, Stray Aid relies on the generosity of donors to pay for the daily and veterinary needs of the animals in our care. Hercules’ care has cost £1,500 to date. With your valued support, hopefully more dogs and cats like Hercules can be given a happy ending they might otherwise be denied.


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Hercules Story


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