Sculpted from polymer clay and hand painted by yours truly. Featuring various minerals. The concept was originally a joke.

I had a crystal that looked like a gun and thought “that would be funny”. Turns out people really enjoyed it and it was enjoyable to make.

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The Original, First Design

This Design features Blue Aura Quartz, 6 4 quartz points and 2 labradorite.

Second Design, With A Nifty Labradorite Handle

This design features 3 quartz points Labradorite on the handle and dyed howlite on the back side.

My Third Design. The First Where I Have Incorporated Lights

This one Features Fluorite, 2 Labradorite, 2 quartz and Amazonite on the handle.


4th Design With A Red Light

The 5th Design And My Personal Favorite

This beauty features 2 quartz points, a quartz cluster and 2 Amethyst. In addition to the minerals it also features 6 glass accents.

The “Galaxy Gun” Was Inspired By The Artist Moebius

Finally My Most Recent Creation. The Aura Blaster

My latest Piece features 2 Quartz Points, 4 Labradorite, and a Calcite sphere on the back.

Ready To Battle Those Bad Vibes

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