Hello everybody! My name is Masha. I am keen on drinking. It’s not alcohol, but tea.

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I can drink about 35 cups of tea a day

Any doctor will tell me that I am crazy because it’s very harmful. But I’ll try to convince you.

I was born in Ukraine in the family of railway workers

My father is a conductor. Since my childhood my father often took me on a business trip. I liked to travel by train.

It was so nice to look out of the window and watch new faces, towns, land-scopes, listened to the sound of whets

But most of all I liked to drink tea in the compartment. It was served in a glass with a metal glass holder and lump sugar.

Probably, it was the tastiest tea which I have ever drunk in my life


Its taste mixed with new impressions, friendly chat, and hot debates was delicious.


It is known that in China, Japan and many other countries drinking tea is a whole ceremony

Their culture of drinking tea is very old.

In Ukraine we like to drink tea too. But our tradition is different

There is a tea drinking tradition in our family too. Now I will tell you about it. In summer we collect different herbs: mint, melissa, chamomile.

After that we dry them and pack into jars with inscriptions to know which herb is where

And in autumn, winter and spring we enjoy favorite aromas of tea. But that is not all!!!!

One of the most important things is a coaster


We use them while serving tea. I have been fond of crafts work for a long time. I sew very nice coasters to put a hot cup on. I have a very big collection of them.


When I want to drink tea I choose a coaster according to my mood

My friends like to visit me because I arrange a tea ceremony for them with delicious tea and wonderful coasters

Such coasters can be a nice and original gift for any occasion

It was nice to meet You BORED PANDA!