By this point, it’s quite clear that the fashion media, influencers, and a number of other players in the industry are setting certain standards for beauty and sexiness. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, remember? Who’s to say what’s sexy and what’s not if not ourselves, right?

Well, we have one man who has deviated from the “traditional” sense of sexiness and turned everyone’s eyes to what is truly sexy by posting some exemplary selfies on his Facebook.

And it’s all of him cleaning the family house.

Looking hot can be a sexy thing,sure, but do you know what is even sexier? Cleaning up around the house!

Image credits: Corey Peters

Meet Corey Peters, a dad from Rehobeth, Alabama, who has decided to share his insights on what “sexy” means when you’re a family man.

No, it’s not about striking sexy poses for pics with fancy Instagram filters in exotic locations with a kid in your arms. It’s actually as simple as cleaning the house and showing a positive example as a husband who helps out around the house as well as a dad who’s showing what a clean and tidy home ought to look like. When you think about it, it brings a whole new meaning to “talk dirty to me”.

Meet Corey Peters, an Alabaman dad who posted selfies to redefine what “sexy” truly means

Image credits: Corey Peters

Corey posted a handful of selfies of him cleaning up the house with a caption explaining what “sexy” really is:

“After being with a woman for 7 years, I promise you there ain’t nothing sexier than sending her some [hot flame emoji] pics like this. If you guys think your relationship is getting kinda stale, send her some sexy s@#$ like these and I promise she’ll be all over you when she gets home. #yourwelcome #sexierthannudes”

The pictures essentially include Corey on the left, giving a thumbs-up, blowing a kiss or just smiling, with the “before” and “after” look of the location he’s cleaning on the right. He’s seen cleaning up the living room, the kids’ room, the laundry room, the bedroom, the kitchen, and other locations around the house.

“After being with a woman for 7 years, I promise you there ain’t nothing sexier than sending her some [hot flame emoji] pics like this”

Image credits: Corey Peters

As for how messy the place actually is, it’s for you to decide: toys, drawing supplies, children’s books, and an improvised bed (a.k.a. just a mattress) scattered on the floor, a glob of clothing on an unmade bed, laundry needing attention, dishes needing to be washed, things needing some dusting, and so on.

And you can even see some of the culprits of probably half of this mess—one of Corey’s two daughters is seen in one of the photos rifling through her drawing implements in a very kid fashion by throwing it all on the floor. There are also two puppers in the household, but they might not have been a part of the chaos.

Corey is seen cleaning the living room and bedroom, doing the laundry, washing dishes, among other things

Image credits: Corey Peters

Roughly half of the entire mess seems to be caused by the kids, judging by the toys, books, and coloring implements

Image credits: Corey Peters

Yeh, yeh, that’s all a joke, I know, but it’s one hell of a joke because soon after posting the “sexy” pics, literally tens of thousands of people saw it, gaining 96,000 reactions with over 98,000 comments and over 420,000 shares on Facebook alone.

It goes without saying that people loved the pictures very much. Many found it hilarious, with some joking that this guy figured out all women everywhere with his sexy cleaning trick, with others saying that they have been doing the same for ages, except they just didn’t take any photos.

The pictures got over 96k reactions with over 98k comments and 420k shares on Facebook

Image credits: Corey Peters

Image credits: Corey Peters

Now, if you like messy places, Bored Panda has covered a similar story where ladies of TikTok were comparing what their homes looked like and the nightmares that were their boyfriends’ places, cleanliness-wise. But before you leave us, why not let us know what you thought about these “sexy” pics in the comment section below!