Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate change activist, has been making huge waves worldwide this week after her speech at the United Nations. While a lot of people supported her message about needing to act against global warming now, others criticized the teenager for her temperament, vagueness, and inability to offer viable practical alternatives to current policies.

And Greta’s making headlines yet again. Australian satirist Mark Humphries posted a humorous video about a helpline for adults who are angry at a child, specifically at eco-warrior Greta. The infomercial gently mocks the teenager’s critics and even got the seal of approval from Greta herself.

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You can watch the full video right here

Here’s how Greta reacted to the video

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“Hang in there! Help is available,” Greta wrote on her Twitter wall while sharing the link to the video Humpries and his team made. The Australian satirist’s video was retweeted 83,200 times as of the time of writing and got over 204,000 likes.

In the video, the teenager’s critics are gently mocked for being unable to control their emotions and lashing out at a child. “It’s okay, we understand that children acting like adults can make adults act like children,” the video proclaims.

During her speech at the UN on Monday, Greta accused world leaders of failing to put in the effort to stop climate change. Some people believe that Greta’s message would have been received much better if she had used a slightly calmer tone, instead of charging politicians with ‘betrayal’ and ‘stealing her dreams,’ while stating that she and other climate activists will be ‘watching’ them. Though others think that what Greta said and did was spot on.

Greta’s supporters believe that the only way to change the world for the better is to use charged and accusative rhetoric, like the teenager has been doing for some time now, because everything else until now has failed to bring results. Meanwhile, opponents suggest that if Greta wants her opinions to be taken seriously, like an adult’s, then she should counter criticism factually, instead of ‘hiding’ behind the fact that she’s still a child.

Earlier this week, Greta shamed her critics for attacking her instead of getting to grips with global warming. What’s more, the girl had temporarily updated her Twitter bio with Donald Trump’s mocking quote of her, to show that she doesn’t care about his opinion. Share your thoughts about the satirical video, Greta Thunberg, and climate change in the comments below.

Internet users thought that the video was brilliant

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