Deeveeaar is a Youtube channel of dedicated scambaiters, focused mainly on exposing Indian scammers and call centers, and they take their job of scamming scammers very seriously. They aim to “prank scammers, bait them, make them hate their job and demoralize illegitimate call centers,” making the internet a safer place for us all.

The page is run by a guy in his late 20’s known as DVR, who, inspired by other scam baiters and frustrated with the lack of action taken against online scams, decided to take action himself. “I started off with some pranks and scambaits, but quickly I started seeing weaknesses in scammer scripts,” DVR told Bored Panda. “I got a lot of unfortunate stories from phone scam victims, which made me really determined to do more. I got together a team of very skilled people, and we decided to fight back in more ways than just wasting their time. We started to call flooding and accessing their computers so we could uncover more evidence, getting their personal information so we could report them, and figure out more of what they do.”

Lack of cyber-policing to bring internet scams to justice is what makes DVR and his team realize that they really are needed. “We send all the information we obtain from the scammer’s computers to many authorities, locally as well as internationally,” he explained. “We do know that most of the time, it doesn’t do much. But it’s the right thing to do.”

“Because we know there likely won’t be action taken, we do take justice in our own hands a little. We mess with their PCs, maybe send a computer virus, and place their photos online, and we want to make scammers feel afraid. I want to make them feel vulnerable, and send a cautionary tale that “you can scam, but you can’t hide.”

The latest scam bait was a masterpiece of patience and clever acting. Posing as a sweet and naïve grandma, the scambaiter set the trap before delivering the fatal blow at the end. “The grandma voice is actually my girlfriend!” DVR told us with a chuckle. “The funny thing is, I was sitting next to her while a team member on the other side of the world controlled the computer. We told her what to say through sign language, and text instructions in a chat application. Scammers prey on the elderly, so she is the perfect bait to get them to lower their guard.” (Cover image: KimSanDiego)

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This scammer thought everything was going well when he managed to get an 83-year-old ‘grandma’ to give him access to her PC

Background image: Valeri Pizhanski

He thought he had her hooked when he complimented her grandkids in the background

What he didn’t know was that ‘granny’ was actually a hacker from internet vigilante group Deeveeaar, who specialize in scam baiting

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