Saying goodbye is never easy, but digital artist Jen-Jen Rose had to force out one of the hardest ones in her life. When her beloved dog Penni passed away, Jen-Jen was devastated. The artist, however, felt like there were still things she didn’t have the chance to tell her, so she has created a farewell letter to express her feelings, and it’s so sincere, it touched our souls.

“She was originally meant to be a hunting dog for my dad, but she was far too gentle for that,” Jen-Jen told Bored Panda. “She ended up becoming a family dog instead. She joined our family when I was around 11 years old, right before things in my life started getting quite rough.”

Jen-Jen confessed that she experienced troubles both inside and outside her home. “My parents fought a lot, and I got bullied in school. At home, I’d sit in the corner and cry a lot, but she would always come sit with me. She’d rest her head on me, and lick my tears. Those were very fond memories I had with her, and her companionship was exactly what I needed during that time.”

“Love your pets,” Jen-Jen said. “And always let them know they are loved.”

Jen-Jen has developed a colorful and vibrant illustration style, but this time she has decided to pair her words with black-and-white drawings, and the juxtaposition between her powerful, emotional words and simple lines works perfectly.

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The times this precious duo had sound truly amazing

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