Ideally, you wouldn't want your hair to glow – what if it's radiation poisoning – but here's a safe way to do it! Manic Panic produces several choices of glow-in-the-dark hair dye! The High Voltage hair dye series have several colors – with such jaunty names as “Electric Banana” and “Siren's Song” - that will make you the hit of every underground party or a CSI crime scene!

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Manic Panic store was born in 1977, when sisters Tish and Sooky opened their first boutique. It all went crazy afterwards, and that's how you end up using their paint to make your hair glow in 2015. Plus, it's a very guiltless glow: the dye is vegan and cruelty-free - “tested on celebrities not animals!”

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Glowing Hair

Unknown Report

Crystal Malone-Drew 1 year ago

Which manic color is this ^^^^


Glowing Hair

Gregory Shelukhin Report

IrisBerry 2 years ago

pretty sure that is a wig


Glowing Hair

rainbowmegz Report

DanyDanutzaOprea 2 years ago


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Glowing Hair

misheledimariadesigns Report

guess 2 years ago

My fave!

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