Choosing any sort of public transportation opens up a path for some awkward situations, but many are willing to take that risk for convenience or the sake of saving money. However, sometimes running into some strangers with malicious intent can surely change one’s mind. One woman on Reddit recently shared her own horror story from the subway, as she ran into a creepy guy on her way to a friend’s apartment. “I felt so anxious like throwing up so I stood up near a bunch of other people holding the rail” she recalled the experience.

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Turns out, her fears weren’t baseless at all, as there are reports that NYPD has received around 1,024 reports of sex offenses in the transit system last year, and the number is alarming. The situation in New York can definitely spark fear in anyone’s (especially a woman’s) heart and self-defense tutorials, as well as defensive strategy tips related to public transport, are popping up all across the internet. However, this lady did not post her experience as a cautionary tale, but more as a thank you to one kind stranger that helped her in a time of need.

We’re glad that Michael stepped in to offer a helping hand to this woman, as he not only de-escalated the situation, but also took the time off his day to make sure she got to her friend’s place safely. As some people mentioned above, anyone can step in when such harassment happens and Michael’s actions are a great example on what to do, as sometimes one simply doesn’t know how to react.

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Transport of London has addressed such issue in their video encouraging to report any unwanted sexual behavior on public transport