Tinder is an online dating lottery. You never know who your match really is until you’ve met them in person. They might be the funniest person you’ve ever met, but they also could be a total weirdo. This guy, however, got the third option – a complete a-hole with the lowest possible self-esteem, which boosts their ego by liking a Tinder dating profile just to vomit disgusting body shaming insults at its owner. Probably not exactly what he or anyone else would desire. Little did the fat shaming brat know, however, that this dude had the calmest of nerves and wouldn’t lose it to some rude people’s delight. Although not all of the hope is lost as after posting this terrible conversation online, the little missus got all the savage comebacks that she deserves. Scroll down to check out the whole story and the best comebacks that followed it, but before you decide never to use it (again), check out these Funny Tinder Profiles that prove it’s not entirely devoid of decent human beings.

People couldn’t believe somebody was that toxic