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Artist Turns Historic B&W Photos Into Haunting GIFs
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Artist Turns Historic B&W Photos Into Haunting GIFs


NYC-based art director, designer and GIF master Kevin Weir takes historic black and white photographs and turns them into dark, scary, but ultimately amusing GIF animations. He took historic portraits and war scene shots from Library of Congress online archive and gave them fantastic behind-the-scenes stories, hidden from us for so many years.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Weir’s creations, ranging from the creepy to the delightfully absurd, be sure visit his website.

More info: | Tumblr (h/t: colossal, demilked)

I grew up reading a lot of fantasy and science fiction and have always been into dark humor and surrealism, so you probably see a lot of that in the GIFs,” Weir told Bored Panda.

I started out making GIFs about three years ago during the downtime of a summer internship, and as a way to sharpen up on Photoshop.”

Don’t really know how I fell into the whole black and white thing, but at some point my friend showed me the library of congress Flickr page and I’ve been using it to find photos ever since.

It’s an awesome collection filled with incredible snapshots of an era that no living human has firsthand knowledge of.

I use Photoshop and after effects. Sometimes a GIF will take a few hours, other times a few days. I make GIFs for fun. Not much else to it.

We’d like to thank Kevin Weir for agreeing to answer our questions about his work!


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