What to do while your significant other shops is a question that Western men have had to deal with since the birth of the shopping mall. Enterprising husband Steve Venegas has come up with a creative and fun game to play that will make shopping fun again.

The game is simple – dress up as a mannequin at the store you (or your significant other) is shopping at and take a picture. Venegas’ pictures are hilarious because, in most of them, he does his best to strike the same pose as the mannequin next to him. Each picture looks like he’s posing with a pale, decapitated twin brother. He shares the pictures, part of his Gap Mannequin Project, on the project’s Tumblr, gapmannequinproject.tumblr.com.

Now, instead of wasting money at cafes, bars or electronics stores, guys will finally have a way to have fun while their second halves shop. And obviously, the game translates well to women who are bored of shopping as well. If you try this “game” out, send us your pics!

Source: gapmannequinproject.tumblr.com (via)