I have always been a big Star Wars fan and having had huge success with our seasonal character heels over the years it made sense to try and explore new collaborations with Disney. The collection itself has been in development since last year.

My inspirations really come from travelling and seeing different cultures, but then I let my imagination run wild and invent the most different shoes I can possibly think of that can accompany an exciting collaboration like Star Wars. I am going for intense shock factor, but still something wearable and affordable and I feel this collection represents both of them things.

I am a strong believer in creating shoes our fans know they will not see other people wearing down their local. With Star Wars, I knew each style would be super limited edition from the beginning, so these styles will be even more exclusive. It’s also very important for me to make sure this collection hits affordable price points so that the few lucky Irregular Choice or Star Wars fans can have their own Cinderella moment.

The main challenges in the design process were making the characters look correct ton specific dimensions and colours for Lucas Films approval. Also, making sure that every detail of the design/character is tied into the correct episode. We had to be completely true to each episode, for example, you can’t use a print or character from one film alongside any print or characters that didn’t feature in it.

Owner & Designer Dan Sullivan – Irregular Choice

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    Death Star







    Millennium Falcon

    The Rebel Alliance


    The Jedi



    Darth Vader


    The Dark Side

    ‘I Know’