The coronavirus crisis has touched every part of our lives. Many of us are devastated by the spread of the virus, exhausted from all of the panic buying around us, and insanely bored from being locked up in our homes. However, despite going through tough times, many of us are lucky enough to say that our sense of humor hasn’t been affected. One of those people is Nate Hoffeditz from Knoxville, Tennessee. The man recently went viral for his contagious sense of humor after he posted “Dating profiles during the quarantine be like…” photos.

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Recently, a man named Nate Hoffeditz went viral for his hilarious photos showing how quarantine-inspired dating profile photos

“I was noticing that people are really starting to worry about staying healthy through this, and I wanted to raise people’s spirits. I hope to bring some laughter, but not condemn anything people are doing to stay safe. I was just sitting at the house and figured this would be a funny thing to try to do,” Nate told Bored Panda. It’s safe to say that his efforts really paid off. The hilarious photos received over 210k shares, over 66k likes, and over 39k comments, with many people saying that they’d finally gotten a much-needed laugh. “Originally, I never expected anyone more than my usual Facebook friends to see it, so this was a pleasant surprise when it went viral… I know… too soon,” Nate joked.

“Let me be your prince Charmin©️”

Right now, many single people are forced to put meeting potential partners on hold due to the quarantine and the only thing that’s left for them is online dating. Nate said he’s single too; however, as he puts it, he “can’t really blame the quarantine for that!”


“The only thing infectious in this home… is laughter.”

The man says that his viral post might have even helped him to find the key to a great dating profile. “I have tried my luck at dating sites, but it hasn’t been nearly as successful as my joke Facebook dating profile! I’m learning the key is not to take yourself too seriously!”

“Just looking for a love that’s non-perishable…”

When asked how did the pandemic affect his life, Nate said: “It has been the best thing that has ever happened to me! But in all seriousness, it has made me appreciate being healthy, and to be extra cautious out in public so that I don’t do anything to put anyone at risk that could really be affected by the virus.

“The only thing I’m not afraid of catching, is feelings.”

According to Nate, the best part about his post, that he managed to make a handful of stressed-out people laugh. After all, they say laughter is the best medicine for a reason!


“Baby you should let me gLOVE you.”

“It has been so exciting to see how many people have laughed about it and shared it. I’ve had about 50 marriage proposals, which is about 50 more than I had before. It’s just really refreshing to see how many people have said that it was, “just what they needed”. I know it has brightened my spirits to see how nice people are being to each other too. I hope everyone can stay safe through this, and if you have to be quarantined, hopefully, it’s with the people that you love!”

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