Nathan Ripperger, a U.S. designer and video producer, has come up with a hilarious way to catalog the bizarre and hilarious conversations one can have when raising children. His series of posters, called “Things I’ve Said To My Children,” shares some of the fantastic things that Ripperger has had to say to his children with us all.

On his Etsy shop, Ripperger explains the idea behind the posters: “These posters[…] feature a phrase that I believe the only reason they left my mouth was [due] to my children.” The warm colors and textures of Ripperger’s designs, as well as the completely inexplicable phrases, will bring a smile to your face. After the posters became popular, Ripperger began selling prints of them on his Etsy shop.

It seems like raising kids encourages parents to be creative. Photographers Jason Lee, Emil Nystrom, and Dave Engledow have all created awesome artwork based on parental life, as has creative momma and artist Queenie Liao.

Source: Etsy | Flickr