After reading the stupidest and funniest patient stories, you might have thought that doctors have it the worst. There is, however, another field that will test its workers’ faith in humanity. Information technology (IT). To prove this, Sebastian from Germany has shared his worst work stories, and they’re so ridiculous, they make grandmas look like hackers. From incompetent managers to clueless users, Sebastian has seen it all. After all, he’s been working in IT for 15 years.

Now, he’s an IT administrator for multiple global companies. “If there is one thing that you can count on, then it’s the stupidity of users,” Sebastian told Bored Panda. “Unfortunately, [it’s evident] every day… not kidding!”

Sebastian started messing around with computers when he was 6. “I always had fun working with PCs until I met ‘the users.'” He has also warned all of the students who are in their first semester of computer studies, “You still have a chance to quit and become gardeners instead.”

All in all, however, Sebastian is happy working in this field. “[But] if one day I want to do something else, I could easily work as a kindergartener. Talking to 3-year-olds is not [very different] from what I do right now.”

Scroll down to check out the unbelievable struggles he has to face daily! (Facebook cover image: Michael Coghlan)

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