I knew I wanted to do something special hitting that big 30. I had always wanted to try my hand at slice-of-life webcomics and figured this would be as good a time as any. How fitting it was that my special gift to my workaholic self was more work.

Keep Busy is a semi-autobiographical, dark comics. The drawing ideas often come from real experiences, fears, and thoughts I have or have had. While the cartoon drawings have given me more work which I already had plenty of, I don’t regret making these funny comics, for it has been a wonderful place to turn frustration into comedy. This dark humor makes me laugh and maybe – just maybe – it makes you laugh as well.

In the end, all I ever hope for is that it entertains you.

More info: tapas.io | Instagram | helgemonster.com

Luckily, I have a short way home these days

Sleeping at the office has become a staple of my existence

I made this one for Valentine’s Day

Deadlines – handle with care

When you’re a freelancer, money comes in bulks. Saving isn’t always easy

Me and paperwork have a complicated relationship

Ideas show up anywhere, but mostly in bed

When something bad happens, think cosmic!

The beginning

How many projects do you have in your closet?

Energy drinks are healthy… right?

Sometimes I show you some helpful business tricks!

We’ve all been there. Some things were not meant to be…

A very useful technique for handling paperwork!

I’m a designer, and sometimes. SOMETIMES. Logic just doesn’t work

Grim Jr. is probably my personal favourite character in Keep Busy

Learning what mistakes to let go is an important step in becoming a better artist


My random art folder is a mine field

Sometimes a good idea consists of old ideas reimagined!

I’m learning Japanese in my spare time, some things are easy, some… not so much

My diet would have most dietitians screaming

Meta humor about the creative process is one of my favourites

I don’t work for the sake of money, but it sure would be nice if I didn’t have to worry about it