It has become abundantly clear that Amazon reviews are full of hidden comedy gold nuggets, and someone has recently unearthed yet another hilarious review. The product in question this time? A pre-workout powder designed to boost your energy levels and increase blood flow to muscles to kick off your workout routine. The product contains niacin, a B vitamin that causes tingling all over the body, and one person has taken the time to describe the health supplement in great detail.

Back in October of 2017, user “Dino2925″ left a 4-star rating with a funny Amazon review detailing the effects of LIT pre-workout powder had on his 5’11”, 270 lbs body. It started innocuously enough, but it’s fair to say that it escalated pretty quickly! You don’t expect to read about zombies in your sports powder review, that’s for sure.

Another user, Jake E. left a 5-star review and condensed his opinion into one substantial sentence that had us all laughing, and others started to jump on the bandwagon with their absurd reviews. At one stage you begin to wonder, what exactly did they put in this stuff?

Scroll down and read the review below to see what exactly these people went through after ingesting this weird and wonderful pre-workout powder!

Amazon is full of interesting reviews and Beyond Raw’s LIT pre-workout powder’s comment section is no exception

Back in October, user Dino2925 left a review detailing his experiences with the product

Here’s what other people had to say about the product