The winter weather has been so cold that the sea on the coast of Nantucket, an island on the eastern coast of the U.S., has turned into slush! Jonathan Nimerfroh, a nature photography aficionado, and surfer who’s “obsessed” with the ocean snapped these cool photos of slushy ocean waves rolling into the near-frozen beach.

According to Nimerfroh, the high temperature that day had been only 19F, or -7C below zero. It was cold enough for ice to form near the shore, but not cold enough to form solid pieces of ice, which is why the waves had to travel through a layer of slush to reach the shore. It may look like an appetizing Slurpee, but I don’t suggest trying it unless you like salt, pee, and plankton flavor.

Nimerfroh is an avid ocean and surfing photographer who has plenty of other interesting photos of the sea, so check out his Instagram and website! Shop the complete collection of Nantucket “Slurpee Wave” ocean photos at

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