As we’re already past Halloween, the time has come when we’ll be hearing more and more of the popping sounds of firecrackers. For us, it can be annoying, especially for those having a hard time sleeping and being woken up by a loud pop, but for some pets, it can be anxiety-inducing.

There are several tips on how to keep your pet calm during fireworks: these include ensuring that all doors and windows are shut, walking them during daylight hours when the fireworks are less likely to be set off, and putting on TV or some music to mask the scary sounds. In addition to this, you’re one click away from buying stress bands or calming jackets from specialist stores (god bless online shopping). However, this student came up with a completely cost-free hack to help your pets stay calm while the fireworks are going off and it’s going viral.

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A student from the UK has come up with a useful hack on how to calm your dog during fireworks

Image credits: Caitlin Miller

17-year-old Caitlin Miller from South Shields, UK has shared a hack for helping calm her dogs on Facebook. The best part about it? It costs $0.

Instead of buying expensive dog jackets or supplements, Caitlin suggested other dog owners use a pair of old socks. “For all those whose dogs are scared of fireworks,” she wrote on Facebook, “Instead of buying anti-stress bands or anything else off of the internet, just cut the two ends off a sock and put it on their head ensuring it’s not too tight, but comfortable.”

It’s absolutely cost-free and only involves using an old sock and a pair of scissors

Image credits: Caitlin Miller

“It gives them a sensation of being cuddled and relaxes them. We used them last year, as firework season is back, we’re using them again, and thought I’d share with my friends,” Caitlin’s Facebook post continued.

Caitlin shared that the hack works on both of her dogs—a 5-month-old Jack Russell named Cookie and a 9-year-old Pomchi named Ruby.

Caitlin’s hack was inspired by an anti-stress dog band she saw online, which sells for about $12

Image credits: Caitlin Miller

Caitlin’s hack was inspired by an anti-stress dog band that’s supposed to help sensitive or frightened dogs. It costs almost £10 (a little bit over $12) online. But instead of buying, why not go the zero-waste direction and make an anti-stress band of your own?

Caitlin’s post on Facebook did not go unnoticed with over 1.4k likes and more than 11k comments already. People seemed to have loved the idea.

“Tubigrip bandage works too & stretches. It’s what I use on my cocker spaniel, she cuddles into me with it on & falls asleep!” someone shared a useful tip, too.

However, as it turns out, the hack won’t work for every dog. “There isn’t a sock on this planet that is big enough to go over my dog’s head without suffocating them,” someone on Facebook pointed out.

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