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Learn How To Take Macarons To Another Level By Turning Them Into Cats
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Learn How To Take Macarons To Another Level By Turning Them Into Cats


We’ve compiled a quick guide on how we decorate our creature macarons. This is not a post on how to make macarons.

This takes you to the next level of macaron making: creature crafting. Good luck!

Step 1. Prepare your cat foundation

Start by laying down your cat foundation. We fitted a #805 tip into a 21″ disposable piping bag. Notice that these cats have an oval shape as opposed to the usual round shape. Over the years of making these creatures we have evolved from the round shape to other interesting shapes. This small detail gives more life to these creatures, making them cuter overall.

Step 2. Choose the colors of the batter

These are the colors we will use for these Himalayan cats. There is approximately 100g of batter in each bag, plenty for the quantity that we made. We won’t need a precise piping tip for these details (it cuts down on prep & cleaning time).

Step 3. Decide how much to snip off

The diameter of how much to snip off depends on the detail. The smaller the detail the smaller the trim. Don’t forget to trim off the excess seam & smooth out the tip of the bag prior to piping.


Step 4. Draw cat’s ears and face

Lay out the cat’s ears & cat face with the black batter. We like to give our creatures little arms. This is inspired from the Disney stackable Tsum Tsum. It is becoming a Honey & Butter habit to add little arms to the creatures we make, humanoid or animal.

When finished it should look like this:

Step 5. Draw the eyes

Wait until the bottom layer dries before laying on the blue eyes. Immediately piping on the next layer while the batter underneath has not dry yet will cause the top layer to sink in, depending on the effect you want to achieve. In this case we want the eyes to pop, so we waited for the face to dry before piping on the eyes.

Step 6. Draw the pupils

Then add the black pupils. This time we don’t want the pupils to pop too much so we piped them immediately after without waiting for the blue to dry.


Step 6. Enjoy your Himalayan cats!

Thank you so much for reading. Here is our complete Caturday set with the Himalayan cat! Visit our Instagram @honeyandbutter to see more of our work & also our boutique in Costa Mesa to grab a few creatures for yourself.


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