Recently, a woman who works in technical theater as an assistant stage manager shared an incident she had with her future mother-in-law.

“This season, Aladdin is coming to town, a show my future mother-in-law has been dying to see. She asked me if I could possibly get her and a friend a seat so they could go see it,” the author who goes by the handle Littleredbird1991 explained in a post on the Petty Revenge subreddit that amassed 12.6k upvotes.

Littleredbird1991 was kind enough to arrange the tickets with a huge discount and reserve them in her name. However, “fast forward a couple of weeks and FMIL invites me and my fiancé over for dinner.”
During the conversation, the mother in law dropped a bomb: “FMIL laughed at me and said what I did wasn’t real work and that it was just a ‘silly side gig’ and that maybe if I got a real job I would know what it is like to really work,” the author recounted.

As you can imagine, this didn’t sit well with Littleredbird1991 who decided to teach her ungrateful FMIL a lesson she’ll remember.

A woman shared how her ungrateful future mother-in-law called her job “a silly side gig” despite the fact that she arranged discount theater tickets for her

Image credits: Ruca Souza (not the actual photo)


Image credits: Tuomas Puikkonen  (not the actual photo)

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