If you’re already planning out a holiday root for next fall, be sure to include Holland to your agenda. The huge floats with the flower sculptures, created for the Bloemencorso flower festival in Zundert, will make your jaw drop and definitely give you amazing pictures to take back home. Organized since 1936, the festival takes place on every 1st Sunday of September.

Every year, the parade consists of around 20 different floats, the construction of which is non-commercial and totally volunteer. The structures, created from dahlias only, are put during during the summer by the neighborhoods of a town that’s home to 20.000 people only. As the dahlias can only stay fresh for so long, they are added on the last weekend before the parade. The locals say Bloemencorso is completely addictive, so make sure to be around on September 1-2 next year!

Website: bloemencorsozundert.nl

Image credits: Hetty 51 | bloemencorsozundert.nlOmroep Brabant