Whether you like it or not, we spend most of our lives working. People move from job to job in search of fulfillment, career growth, financial stability, or just to escape the routine, and for whatever reason – we’ve all been there. We know the feeling of stepping into the new office filled with opportunities and excitement for the future, but at the same time, uncertain and slightly shy about the new environment, unfamiliar faces, and stressful anticipation. Adapting to a new workplace can be really challenging. But not for this guy. And although first day at work didn’t exactly go as planned for Jon Caña, he (and his colleagues) will remember it for a long time.

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San Francisco-based digital marketer Jon Caña started a new job at the advertising agency Essence in October. Upon his arrival at the office he was greeted with a gift box and a signed card welcoming him to the team. He was so pleasantly surprised with the nice gesture that he didn’t have any doubts the flowers he found later that day on his desk were a part of the experience. He was touched, so he decided to share this surprise on his Twitter to mark the successful first day. He posed with the bouquet in different locations in the office while his manager took some photos. Little did he knew what would happen next.

Image credits: twitter.com

Image credits: twitter.com

Fast-forward to February 9th, at a company holiday party Jon finally found out that the bouquet, which made him so happy and comfortable, wasn’t actually meant for him. It appears that there’s no such tradition at the company; the flowers ended up on Jon’s desk by mistake and were meant for another employee. His co-workers felt too bad to disclose the news to him right away since they had seen him on a mini photo-shoot with the bouquet. Jon found the situation hilarious so he updated his followers with the tweet.

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While cringeworthy and hilarious at the same time, this case perfectly illustrates that even the most awkward situation can turn into a success story. Later Jon’s tweet went viral earning him over 263k likes, which is an impressive conclusion to the first day at an advertising company and works better than any resume. And… he got a nice bouquet of flowers. “One of the funnier things about this whole story is that I work at media agency where one of the goals of our campaigns is to go viral on the internet… and so I presented my tweet at a team meeting today,” – he recently tweeted.

One thing is for certain, Jon will always be remembered as a ‘flower guy’. His co-workers still enjoy bringing up his funny first experience with subtle pranks. 2 days ago, he shared his photo with another bouquet. This time it was actually meant for him, but as a joke.

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Jon’s followers replied with some hilarious reactions to the rather embarrassing but funny incident

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Few people shared their own awkward experiences of times when they received something by mistake

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This situation sparked a discussion in the comments section on whether companies should actually give their employees with a welcoming gift and what it could be

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